Marketing Wellness

Why “Marketing Wellness“?

What links these two concepts?

I think everyone realizes that good health is not an accident, that it requires an effort to maintain. The medical profession is agreeing that supplementation is a necessity, but research is required to determine the best products and exactly what your body needs. And if you are going to be involved to that extent, you might as well be a distributor, get the inside scoop on the benefits of the product and get a commission on the supplements you sell.

Selling to friends and family quickly wears thin and if you are hoping to make an income, you need to apply smarter techniques. That’s where we come to Attraction Marketing.

Stop chasing leads and have them coming to you.

Attraction Marketing is the civilized method of creating sales. Position yourself as a knowledgeable leader in your niche, providing information freely in forums and on Social Media and you will gather a following, who will know and trust you. When you have something special to offer, they will join your team, because they know you will be presenting something of value.

New people are arriving on the scene daily and they will be looking for opportunities to join. Their best move would be to find a mentor and learn Internet Marketing first, then decide which opportunity offers the most. Or they may already have an mlm business but have no guidance, and need help with the basics.

My purpose is to provide direction in Attraction Marketing, giving the means of setting up a marketing machine for wellness products in particular, but also for any products which can be sold in this manner.

And I’m particularly interested in showing seniors and baby boomers that there are systems for teaching those who haven’t grown up on computers – it’s never too late to learn new skills!  My “About” page  will fill you in on my journey this far and I’m taking courses and learning new techniques daily.

Feel free to comment here and contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs and our future association. I look forward to growing with you,


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